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#SCGGlobalSpin Colombia Legal Update

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

In this episode of #SCGGlobalSpin host Stephen Younger, partner from Patterson Belknap interviews Claudia Barrero, partner from PPU, about what's going on in her home country of Colombia during COVID-19, and what we can expect the Colombian legal landscape to look like in 2020, and beyond.



Audio Only:

Questions answered include:

What adjustments has your firm made for COVID-19?

What initiatives have they undertook as a result of COVID-19?

What support has the Colombian government given during this crisis?

What do American law firms need to know if they have business in Colombia?

Participant Bios

Host, Stephen Younger

Stephen is a partner at Patterson Belknap, a New York City-based law firm, where he has been for over 35 years. He is leading commercial litigator who is also well-known for his alternative dispute resolution work. In addition to Patterson Belknap, he was the past President of the New York State Bar Association, an organization of over 75,000 New York attorneys.

Participant, Claudia Barreo

Claudia is a partner at PPU, and is based out of their Bogota office. She is an expert in mergers and acquisitions of listed companies, with extensive experience in capital markets, infrastructure projects and corporate governance matters. In addition to PPU, she is Professor of Capital Markets at many universities in Colombia.


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