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The Process Behind President Trump's Second Impeachment: Understanding the American Government

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

The American federal government can be a complicated system to understand, full of rules and regulations that many may not know, especially under extraordinary circumstances such as an impeachment.

In this special episode of #SCGGlobalSpin with Jon Bonsall (Keegan Werlin) and Jeffrey Brooks (Adams and Reese), they explain the rules Congress is utilizing to impeach, the processes at play, and what could happen next.

This is an excellent episode for anyone outside of the U.S. who wants to understand how the American government is currently operating or anyone within the U.S. who would like a civics refresher course.

Please note that this episode was recorded on January 13th, 2021, so some specifics may have changed in the interim, but the conversation behind the processes and functioning of government is accurate.


Jon Bonsall

Jon is a partner at Keegan Werlin in their governmental and legislative relations practice group.

Jeffrey Brooks

Jeffrey is a partner at Adams and Reese in their government relations, federal practice.


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