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#SCGGlobalSpin: Luxembourg Fall 2020 Legal Update

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Join host Alice van der Schee (Van Benthem & Keulen) and guests Mario Di Stefano, Alex Pham, and Alessandra Medina (DSM - Avocat à la Cour) as they discuss how Luxembourg is coping with the pandemic this fall, as well as what steps the attorneys at DSM - Avocats à la Cour have taken as a result.

This is a great episode for anyone who does business or has clients in Luxembourg.


Alice is a partner at Van Benthem & Keulen, where she heads the Restructuring & Insolvency practice group. She is often appointed as administrator in moratoriums and as receiver in bankruptcies and is licensed to practice law in both the Netherlands and Germany. Additionally, she is currently on the Board of Directors of SCG Legal and a member of the Council of Insol Europe.


Mario founded DSM in 2004. Prior to founding DSM, Mario Di Stefano was legal counsel, and managing partner with a Luxembourg fiduciary, and later partner in a Luxembourg law firm.

Alex has more than 15 years’ worth of experience in tax law, including litigation, international tax law, corporate and individual tax as well as indirect taxation.

Alessandra is an associate at DSM where she focuses on Commercial and Business Law, Dispute Resolution, Employment & Social Security Law, Real Estate and Construction.


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