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Cannabis and the Law: What Happens When Cannabis is Legalized in America?

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Cannabis is legal in some form in multiple states in the U.S. yet many questions surround the industry and its legalities.

Join us for this #SCGGlobalSpin cannabis-focused episode, where Tom Downey and Sean Jennings from Colorado-based law firm Ireland Stapleton break down how the legal and the cannabis industries intersect, what to expect if (or when) cannabis becomes allowed at the federal level, and how their practice specifically addressed the needs in the cannabis space.

This is a great episode for attorneys who operate in states where cannabis is legal to understand how they can serve the industry, and anyone curious about how law firms are able to work within the cannabis sector despite its current Schedule 1 restricted status at the federal level.



Tom is a Director at Ireland Stapleton in the Government Relations & Regulatory Affairs practice group, and is based out of their Denver office.

Sean is an Associate at Ireland Stapleton where he focuses his practice on regulatory matters across practice groups, and is based out of their Denver office.



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