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State of Energy in America, and the Impact of the Biden Administration

Join us for this informative and captivating discussion about the state of energy in the US, and the impact the Biden Administration will have on the industry with some of the leading Energy attorneys in America. Host David Rosenzweig (Keegan Werlin ) and guests Kevin Beiter (McGinnis Lochridge) and Patrick Black (Fennemore) talk about the commonalities in energy in their various jurisdictions, emerging trends, and the new Administration. Don't miss this one!


David is a partner in Keegan Werlin energy and regulatory practice, representing clients before state regulatory agencies, local permitting authorities and the Massachusetts courts.


Kevin is a partner at McGinnis Lochridge where he represents a diverse clientele in virtually all aspects of the energy industry.

Patrick is a Director at Fennemore, and works in their natural resources, energy and environmental law group, where he focuses primarily on energy regulatory matters.


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