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#SCGTHRIVE: What is ESG Anyway- and Why do Law Firms Need to Care?

Join us for the webinar, where Pamela Cone, ISSP-SA will share her expertise and insights into what the legal profession is doing around ESG. The discussion will include the following topics:

  • Growing Stakeholder Expectations Around ESG, Social Impact & Sustainability

  • External Frameworks, Regulatory Action, and Client Audits/Assessments

  • Focus on Climate / Carbon – How to Assess, Measure and Benchmark

  • Practical and Pragmatic Steps to Prepare Your Firm

  • ESG – the Business Opportunity of a Lifetime for the Professions

Pamela Cone

Pamela Cone collaborates with the leaders of professional services firms and network leadership around the globe to build and evolve strategic, transformative Environmental, Social and Governance practices, policies and programs that meet stakeholder expectations. With more than 3 decades of experience working in professional services firms in marketing, communications and business development roles, she brings all her industry knowledge and expertise to help clients evolve their ESG, social impact and sustainability programs from “transactional” to “transformational” - core to the business, consistent with purpose and collaborative in nature. In addition to her work with clients through her consulting firm, Amity Advisory, she also serves as the VP, Social Impact & Sustainability Officer at Milliman, a global actuarial consulting firm.


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