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Managing People Through Difficult Times: Loss and Leadership in 2021

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

In this episode of #SCGGlobalSpin, law firm leaders discuss the unique difficulties leadership have faced during unprecedented times, and the solutions and best practices they have developed as a result. Topics include: coping with the loss of colleagues, addressing employee mental health and wellbeing, social upheaval, the politicization of wearing a mask during COVID, and more.

Join Erica Tarpey (Ireland Stapleton), Lisa Borsook (WeirFoulds LLP), Jim Frazier (McBrayer), and Stephanie Scharf (Scharf Banks Marmor) as they discuss how to lead during times of personal loss, social unrest, and social division.


Erica Tarpey

Erica is the Managing Director of Ireland Stapleton, and is the first woman to hold the position at her firm.


Lisa Borsook

Lisa is currently the Executive Partner and former Managing Partner of WeirFoulds LLP, and is the co-chair of their Commercial Leasing practice group.

Jim Frazier

Jim is the Managing Member of McBrayer, a position he has held since 1993.

Stephanie Scharf

Stephanie is a Founding Partner at Scharf Banks Marmor, a nationally-prominent women-owned law firm.

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